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My Current Home - 2006 Sprinter Van 158 Model


In August 2016, I purchased a used 2006 158" Dodge Sprinter van (Super high) from a dealer in Texas for $16k. It has 98k miles and the bottom of the van has a rust-protecting undercoating. I converted the van into my new RV in 10 working days spread out over 4 weeks. I purchased a one-month membership at Techshop so I had access to a chop saw, table saw, tools so all of my cuts were straight and accurate. The TechShop also was next to a Lowes so it was extremely convenient while building the van.

I modeled my van by using Cyrus Sutton's folding bed/hammock design. I chose it because I would have easy access to the storage cabinets on each side of the van and it allowed for a much larger bed (almost king size) while not sacrificing access to storage.


Electrical additions:

Other additions:


When I first started researching the vanlife, I picked up the Sprinter Buyers Guide.

After I bought my Sprinter van, I used this Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook to aid in the buildout.

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