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What I'm Doing Now

Nat Bruno
Nat Bruno

This page is part of Derek Sivers NOW movement. It is a public declaration of my priorities and what I'm working on now. What I'm Doing NOW I'm currently in Austin, TX working on a few consulting projects and . 

About Me

I’m Nat. I’m a digital nomad traveling the US in a custom Sprinter van. I’m a systems-minded entrepreneur, Crossfitter, creator of this website, and a minimalist.

I brush my teeth with salt and baking soda. I make my own deodorant from scratch. I haven't woken up to an alarm since 2014. I can live on $600 per month. I can live like a king for $1200 per month. I take naps often.  I only buy clothes that are high-quality and fit my color scheme (Red, black, grey, or white). I can live out of only a backpack for a month at a time.

My Diet

Gluten, soy, corn free. Pemmican for quick calories due to not eating because of my schedule. Muscle meat is limited. Organs, tendons, marrow etc... are preferred. I usually eat 4-6 hours after I wake up. No expense is spared for quality of food. I drink bulletproof coffee in the morning and I eat the same lunch everyday.


I drank Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle. I plan on many more spiritual experiences this year! I was interviewed on the Art of Passive Income podcast (iTunes link) detailing my van lifestyle and making money through land investing.


The year was spent traveling on an epic 3 month ski trip to 11 mountains in the US and Canada. Then traveling around New England visiting friends and relatives. Next I joined 11 other people on a houseboat on Lake Powell, AZ for a weeklong of fun. And then spent 2 months driving North to Jasper and Banff, Canada visiting National Parks along the way. I spent October/November in Denver doing consulting (the first time that I did work in 2017!) and visiting friends.  


I purchased a slightly newer 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 158" with 100k FEWER miles (and no rust!) and converted it into an RV. I am loving the new design. I based my design off of Cyrus Sutton's Van Build. I also started investing in real estate in June 2016.


I sold my truck in January 2015 and purchased a used 2005 Dodge Sprinter 144" van that I converted into a RV (which was VERY rusty). The goal is to travel the US and live in the van while apprenticing with other entrepreneurs.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

I was the third franchisee of College Hunks Hauling Junk - a junk removal, and now, moving company. We pride ourselves on hiring and employing clean-cut, professional ‘College Hunks’ that will remove your unwanted items or move you from house to house. It’s been a phenomenal learning experience and I kind of see it as a real-life MBA without the debt.

VanLife Roadtrip 2014

I am currently traveling by Dodge Ram truck (with a topper on the back) from my homebase of Denver, Colorado to San Diego, CA and then up the Pacific Coast Highway to Vancouver. I have been to Los Angeles once for a brief, few days but I’ve never been to any other cities in California or the Northwest. This roadtrip is changing that - I’ve traveled to almost every other state except the West Coast. I will be driving the PCH from June to August 2014. Hit me up if you want to grab some drinks or coffee.

All Systems Go (ASG) Advising

The transition that took me from working in the day-to-day operations of College Hunks Hauling Junk to managing it from any location occurred a few years ago. I found the Crankset Group which focuses on creating a business that enables you to live your 'ideal lifestyle'. Crankset's 3to5 club gave me the tools to get my businesses to create the freedom that I desired. From the Crankset group, I learned that my true calling is creating and implementing systems, processes and procedures to enable a business to scale and grow quickly. I started ASG Advising in January 2013 by creating the foundation for businesses to grow upon. I do the occasional consulting job for a business owner who wants time freedom. I help systemize their business so it runs smoothly without constant involvement from them. Download the MP3 to listen to Chuck Blakeman's interview on Mixergy where he discusses my business success.


I’ve been doing Crossfit since January 2007 primarily at Frontrange Crossfit. The coaches at Frontrange and the Crossfit Journal have taught me so much about nutrition and moving efficiently and safely. I am still a work in progress - my double-unders are still embarrassingly bad, my flexibility is improving but isn’t near what it should be, and my Olympic lifting numbers have gone down. I am working everyday to improve these things. For me, CrossFit is about becoming a better human being. It’s about self-actualization. It’s about being able to use your fitness at anytime. It’s about living your life hard and well and with joy.

Random Facts

- I wrestled alligators in Alamosa, Colorado (of all places!) - I was featured as one of the top ‘singles in the city’ by 5280 Magazine. - I have competed in Olympic Lifting (85kg) at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.